3 Important Aspects of Wedding Invitation Design

Preparing for your special day can cost a lot. One of the ways you can save a little bit of cost is by trying to design your own wedding invitation card. By designing it on your own, you won’t have to hire the service of a professional graphic designer. But of course, there’s a worry that your wedding invitation card won’t come out as good as the professional designer’s design. However, don’t worry. As long as you continuously try to learn and find inspirations from the internet, you can surely get a good result.

Here are some useful tips that you can take note of for the design of a wedding invitation card.

1. Size of the Wedding Invitation

It is important to think about this firsthand after you have settled on a theme. Often you will need to send out your wedding invitations through the mail so that it can reach guests who live far away from you. But of course, the postal service has a maximum size for letters. If it exceeds this size, then you will have to pay extra and you don’t want that. So make sure you first check on the dimension limitation for letters to be sent through the mail and decide on a wedding invitation card that is smaller than that, including the envelope as well.

It is better to find the envelope that has the right size for mailing and then design a wedding invitation card that fits the envelope. It is much less of a hassle that way. But of course, if you have the time and are willing to do it, you can also create a custom envelope for your wedding invitation card as well.

2. Use Professional Design Software

It is all right to start out the design for your wedding invitation as a rough sketch on a paper. But make sure that everything is transferred into digital form so that you can print it in high quality. The best software for designing are the ones that are professional, such as CorelDraw, InDesign, or Adobe Photoshop. With this software, you can create a design with resolution that is perfect for high quality printing since these software offer designing in vector instead of bitmap which is perfect for the best quality printing.

3. Choose the Right Color

The colors of your wedding invitation should match the theme of the wedding or the general idea of it. For example, if your wedding theme is simple and elegant, then it is best to choose colors along the shades of white, cream, and toned down colors. You can accentuate the design using gold color to make it look more refined and luxurious. Of course, you can make your wedding invitation design bold with strong and bright colors as well. Just make sure that all the colors that you choose for your wedding invitation card design work well and complement each other instead of ruining the aesthetic. Try to find more inspiration online, such as from Pinterest or other image sources.

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