3 Essentials of Wax Sealing

Wax sealing’s uses have declined by a lot since people don’t really seal off their letters with it anymore after the discovery of adhesives. Nowadays, fewer people send out physical letters that make the use of wax seal lose numbers further. However, in this era, a lot more people enjoy wax sealing for another purpose; they enjoy wax sealing for arts and crafts. Wax sealing can be used for decoration on papers, packaging, wedding invitation, and many other items. Some formal business correspondences even still use wax sealing because it gives off a formal and proper impression.

Interested in knowing more about wax sealing? Here are what you need to know:

1. Type of Wax to Use

There are generally two types of waxes you can choose, based on the formula. Each type of wax has different advantages and disadvantages, and they give off different looks and have distinct characteristics as well. Even though they are essentially waxes, they have their own unique qualities.

First, you can choose to use a traditional type of wax that solidifies easy yet breaks easily as well. This formula has been long used and pretty much retained quite the same. It is best to ensure confidentiality but not suitable for decoration because it is quite fragile. On the other hand, there is the option of the flexible wax seal which is a mix of wax and resin that makes it more flexible compared to the traditional wax seal. It can be used even on curved surfaces and best for various decorations.

Know that waxes come as wicked and non wicked wax. Wicked wax is more suitable to use with a wax sealing spoon. Meanwhile, non wicked stick wax is best to use with a glue gun because you don’t need to light it up since a glue gun already has a heat source inside.

For beginners, it is more advisable to use wax spoon because it is easier to control. However, some people do prefer the glue gun from the very start. Try to explore and discover which you prefer so that you can continue practicing with what’s more comfortable for you. You can check out www.kiasuprint.com to have a look at the various wax seal and rubber stamp.

2. Melting the Wax

Once you have decided on a type of wax to use, the first step that you have to do to make a wax seal is melting down your stamp. Depending on the type of tool you use, make sure that the wax seal is melted thoroughly from the heat emitted from the heat source. Be patient with it especially if you are using a wax sealing spoon, avoid using fire that is too big.

3. Wax Stamping

Next, to make a wax seal, you have to press it down with a wax seal stamp as soon as the wax gets melted and poured into the surface. There are wax seal stamps that you can easily buy, but the design is usually boring and generic. If you want to look unique and customized, then you have to design it yourself and hand the design to a stamp manufacturer.

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